Relato y experiencia con Escort DIAMOND chilena

La Escort de lujo Diamond  cuyo nombre nos reservaremos despierta un interés especial. No es solo una señorita guapa, elegante si no también inteligente. Con esta experiencia que nos ha llegado, vemos que entiende también la parte del marketing necesaria para darse a conocer. No hace mucho comentamos con ella y comentamos sobre esta nueva iniciativa en nuestro blog. Pues bien, nos ha llegado uno que describe un encuentro con ella de hace un par de días. Está escrito en inglés pero nos ha gustado y nos parece interesante compartirlo con ustedes.

Cita con escort Diamond

Relato y experiencia con Escort DIAMOND chilena


This was my experience with this beautiful escort, which i met two days ago here in Santiago. I had a very nice time with her and talking about escort life and all sort of enquires i had, she told me to please write a review of our meeting in this website, so here i am, trying to explain my soiree with her. I had such a nice time with her that i couldn´t say no although i have no idea in writing this type of review. Excuse me also if my english is not perfect. I´m from Germany and it´s not my native language but i spend quite long seasons in US so i have an idea.

I´m a regular user of this services and each time a i travel for work if i have time, i like to give myself a treat. Before arriving to the city, i knew i would have free time on the late afternoons so i seeked in the internet for escort websites in Santiago. I seeked through few sites and in all of them i came across with this stunning beauty Looking at her photos, I could see her amazing assets, and I felt as if I needed to meet her. I tried and checked in google to see if she had any reviews, but i didn´t find any. Something normal when we talk about VIP call girls. Anyway, my decision was to try and arrange an outcall in my hotel room. Emailed her and got a quick response. Set a pre date for one of the nights i was going to be here and once i was in the city, i´ll give her a call.

A few hours later i arrived to Santiago and during my first short break, i gave her a phone call. I have for more tan one week here so there was no hurry but my experience told me that in these days where Santiago has so many visitors, it´s better to be the first one to arrange a meeting because later will be an imposible and although she told me there was no problema at all, i didn´t want to “let her go”.
The day after, an hour before our time togeather, while i was having a shower i was thinking in how will she be. Her voice was very sweet and her english was quite good so we understood oursleves perfectly. I had her pictures memorized but…would she be nice looking? Would she be a good lover? All those questions that always pass thorugh my mind before meeting an escort for the first time made me feeel very excited.

Relato y experiencia con Escort DIAMOND chilena

Very punctual, there she arrived. Knocked on the door and what a nice surprise. She was beautiful. A mixture of a sweet teen with a sexy young woman. Dressed casual but very elegant, she greeted me warmly, with a kiss on the cheek, and a tight hug. We chatted a bit and this made me very confortable and even more excited. In fact, I was so comfortable, I felt i knew her for years before.

Our time togeather was incredible. I loved how she treated me. Sweet and well mannered, always with a smile on her mouth and a sexy way of looking at me.  I would like to say that she weared a very sexy and elegant lingerie that made her perfect body a piece of art. I think about it and what i felt in the moment and i saw her dressed in that way, and i feel excited again. I could see that she didn´t lie when she told me that she daily practiced sport. We started with some light kissing, and mutual touching. She got me very worked up. Her next and wet tongue kisses made the temperature reach a very high level where a way back isn´t posible.  I don´t like to talk about some details but what i can say is that Marta sure knows how to please a man and with me she did it in all ways. She has a smooth skin and a fully shaved body which i really appreciate and made our time togeather even better. When we finished, she kindly asked if i wanted to have a warm shower with her. Ohhh, yes, i had a very nice time in the shower. Up to there i can tell!!

I loved my time with her and the pitty is that a man like me has it very difficult to have a girlfriend as her, but anyway, those are my mental barriers which i still need to brake down and overcome. 

Guys, although i don´t like the idea and imagine Marta with another man i promised her that i´ll write this review, so if you want to meet her, for sure you´ll have a very nice time. This escort is definitely perfect.

Relato y experiencia con Escort DIAMOND chilena

Esperamos que os haya gustado y agradecer a este usuario llamado Fritz que se haya tomado su tiempo en escribirlo. Desde luego que ella tiene buenas dotes de seducción y convencimiento.

Hasta pronto!!!


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